Prices and customer service you can’t beat.

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Do not be fooled by multi-media advertising. We can beat the national rates, because we do not pay for a sales staff or expensive advertising. We are, however, required to have the same qualifications and insurance coverage as those national chain-store pest control companies. In fact, we offer more than our competitors by personalizing your pest control service—treating each customer as our top priority.

We offer pest control services in the New Orleans area, ranging from one-time jobs to whatever frequency you prefer. Below are some of our prices for home pest control.


An average yard treatment for mosquitos is $75


Initial Treatment & One Time Treatments: Single Home: $88. Double: $108

Bi-monthly treatments, every 2 months: Single Home: $66. Double: $70

Quarterly treatments: Single Home: $78. Double: $85


Average Treatment for House & Yard: $125. Yard only: $95. House only: $95


Single Home: $85 plus materials. Double: $105 plus materials

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We also offer very reasonable rates for annual pest control treatments, which include an initial indoor and perimeter treatment, followed by five perimeter treatments performed every two months for the remainder of the year. This limits the pesticide use in your home, and it is a convenient scheduling alternative for our busy clientele. Please contact us for more information.